3. Developing Smart Cities and Green Energy Communities with Blockchain technology - with Dr Jemma Green

May 17, 2022 Victoria Delgado Trevino Season 1 Episode 3
3. Developing Smart Cities and Green Energy Communities with Blockchain technology - with Dr Jemma Green
Show Notes

Blockchain Technology meets Sustainability and disrupts Energy Markets and the way local communities generate, store and trade electricity leading the way to a Net Zero.
Guest Bio
Dr Jemma Green is Co-Founder and Chairman of Powerledger, a tech company that uses blockchain for energy and environmental commodity trading. Setting her career trajectory early on, Dr Green became the voice of sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the business of big money financing while at J.P. Morgan in London. She then went on to become a research fellow at Curtin University, was Deputy Lord Mayor of Perth, set up Australia's first fossil fuel free pension fund‎ and has sat on numerous boards championing sustainable business. In 2016 Jemma co-founded Powerledger, which won Sir Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge. In 2018 Jemma was made EY Fintech Entrepreneur of the Year.

Hear how Dr Jemma Green is set to revolutionize energy markets by facilitating creation of grid- interactive buildings and peer-to-peer energy trading in the communities and cities. Dr Green will talk about how new residential developments and retrofitted existing portfolios of buildings become self-sustainable when embracing renewables and how our electric vehicles, like Tesla, could be used as a home battery to store excess energy. 

Dr Green will reveal the business model of her company and how it utilizes its own Cryptocurrency (PowerToken) to raise money for the business, settle the transactions and offer customers significant savings. We will dive into why Blockchain technology is perfectly suited for trading energy, setting an example of how commodity trading companies could embrace Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency. Distributed nature of renewable energy production, which offers least impact on the grid, is matched with the distributed, immutable and borderless nature of blockchain technology. Powerledger is an example of traditional business focused on innovation that embraces Distributed Ledger Technology.

We will also talk about a controversial topic of energy consumption by Blockchain networks, United Nations Energy Compact and commitment by companies and nations to achieve clean affordable energy by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050, as well as the role of Global Blockchain Business Council or GBBC in the evolution of this emerging technology.

This episode is also packed with three mini-lectures from Victoria Delgado Trevino.

Victoria’s mini lectures

  • Victoria explains what cryptocurrency mining is, and how it is integral to blockchain creation. She also explains the difference between “Proof of Work” and “Proof of Stake” mining protocols and how the transition to “Proof of Stake” protocol will reduce the energy consumption of blockchains and their environmental impact.
  • Victoria talks about how cryptography works and how secure cryptocurrency is currently, touching on how quantum computers in the future may pose a threat to that. She explains the cryptographic equations and math behind this fear.
  • Victoria talks about block subsidy, and the other technical aspects of bitcoin mining. She describes why miners do the work they do in maintaining the Bitcoin blockchain.